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Reclaimed teak table

Unique dining tables with an authentic character

Our weathered teak tables are made of recycled teak and have a very beautifully weathered loo. Each table has a nice and unique character because of the old teak they are made of. Because of this they fit to a modern interior design with rvs-chair as well as and old fashioned rural style with traditional wooden chairs. Moreover they are sometimes used as garden tables.

Easy maintenance

With regard to their maintenance, the tables are ideal. There’s no need for working the table. If there’s a stain on the table, all you need is green soap or some kitchen cleaner. If that stain has already been in the wood for a while, take some sandpaper, and the stain will be gone in a matter of minutes. The best result will be achieved if you apply some green soap to the tabletop in the course of the next years. Thanks to the greasy green soap and the greasy teak the tabletop will have a very beautiful and weathered / natural look.

Timeless design

The design of teak tables changes in the course of time, however, the table made of recycled teak stays as modern as ever! Thanks to the old recycled teak planks each table is unique with a very special look. As you can see in the picture the old wood creates a special atmosphere and gives the table a weathered look. There are some irregularities in the tabletop, however, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. Every table is controlled and adapted for optimal usage!

Solid tabletop and legs

The massive block table legs measure approximately 8x8cm. For the longer sizes they measure 1cm to 2cm more and for the smaller sizes they are a bit smaller. The tabletop measures approximately 3cm. Because of the construction, the inner part of the tabletop measures approximately 2-2,5cm in thickness. Further below on this page you will find more information about this.

Height tabletop

These tables have a standard height of 79cm. The lower surface is 69cm high, thus suitable for chairs with arm-rests. If you would like your table a bit lower, that’s no problem at all. We can customize the height of the table legs to your wishes, without any additional costs.

Excellent construction!

These teak tables made of old wood have a specific construction. As you can see the tabletop consists of planks whose edges are made of planks that lie crosswise to the other planks. All wood works and so does old teak wood. Depending on the humidity inside the tabletop can still expand or tighten a little. If your table consists of planks which are all aligned in the same direction, you won’t even notice this. In the case of the tables which are made of recycled wood and which have planks that are aligned crosswise, the wood cannot work as it should. However, a system in the construction allows the inner planks to move a little. Still, sometimes cracks can appear in the wood. If the humidity is too volatile, this cannot be prevented. It’s a choice you’ll have to make yourself. If you choose these tables you’ll have a rough table which ages together with you. If you don’t want this, you should have a look at a table with a more straightforward and straight design.

About 95% of our tables have table legs which are screwed to the tabletop and the tabletops that are connected by connecting pieces to the installation. The installation guarantees stability and robustness. Thanks to the removable table legs, these tables can be delivered to virtually any location. Each table has additional reinforcements and is made of massive teak. Put differently, very solid tables which will bring you joy for many years!

In stock!

We have almost all the standard sizes in stock. When you visit us you can take the table directly home with you! Please contact us beforehand if you are looking for a particular size. It would be a pity if that particular size was out of stock.