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Reclaimed teak coffeetable

Teak dining room tables designs

We always have our standard table designs in stock in different sizes. ‘Blok’, one of our customers favourite, mixes a feeling of solidity and longevity without overpowering your space. This table has a modern exterior design and comes with two drawers without knobs to create a sleek, modern feel. You can chose a dining room table with a more “simple” look, or you can choose a somewhat more sturdy-looking finish. The choice is all yours.

We also offer dining room tables with four legs. Just like with ‘Blok’, you can choose the finish of your table yourself. Put together with friends and family, your dining room table will become the heart of the house.

Solid teak

Our dining room tables are all made of high quality teak with a solid construction. The top is constructed in a way that gives it ability to move depending on the humidity in the air. The top is not glued but screwed to the table which allows flexibility to the wood, so that it can age gracefully, just like you.

Easy maintenance

Due to the naturally occurring oils in teak, maintaining your dining table couldn’t be any easier. Some people prefer to apply a finish to their teak furniture, which is fine. However, this is not necessary. You can wipe any stains with green soap and water and sand down deeper stains with fine sand paper.

Another option for your teak furniture is to use a wood oil sealer. Again, teak naturally contains oil, but with a sealer, this oil will maintain in the wood grain so it lasts longer.

Standard sizes

Our standard sizes for these dining room tables are 110x70 cm – 120x80 cm, but often they’re also available as sofa tables of 60x60 cm or 80x80 cm. We also sometimes carry 90x90 cm or 100x100 cm sizes in stock. These may, however, take longer to deliver.

Do you have a particular piece in mind and like to visit our shop? Please contact us before you come in. We’ll make a reservation for you if your item is in stock.