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Reclaimed teak bar table


Solid teak bar tables

We also offer teak bar tables. There are several possibilities. By default we do not have any bar tables in stock, we do however have normal dining tables in stock (with a height of 79cm) in virtually all sizes. We can transform these normal tables into the bar table variant. The delivery time for this is approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Construction – costs – delivery time You can visit us and choose the tabletop you like most. Or you can order online and tell us which design you prefer. For us it is important to know whether we should build the bar table with or without the so-called H-beam (for additional stability) between the table legs. Higher table legs under a standard table cost extra. If you would like to have an H-beam, too, it costs also extra.

Usually we have the following sizes in stock – in the weathered as well as the straightforward look: 80x80cm 120x80cm 140x80/90cm 160x90cm 180x90cm 200x90/100cm 220x100cm 240x100cm 260x100cm 280x100cm 300x100cm