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Teak Furniture Mallorca

We have been selling furniture since 1980. In recent years, we have mainly sold teak furniture for both home and garden. We have a lot of satisfied customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and, of course, Holland. Our shop is located 15 minutes from Aachen, on the other side of the border. We have already made deliveries to many places in Europe, including Mallorca.
We are pleased to announce that negotiations with a transport company, which deliver to Mallorca, have been successfully finalised. The growing demand for massive teak furniture from the Balearic Island made it necessary to seek out a reliable delivery partner. From now on. a forwarding company will take over the delivery of orders to Mallorca. Our partner ensures swift and smooth delivery from our warehouse in the Dutch town of Nuth to the Spanish Mediterranean island.

Deliveries to Mallorca

Mallorca teak furniture
Deliveries to Mallorca