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Leather Chair Red


Leather chair red
This elegant and delicate leather chair is a stylish addition to your interior. The sleek design, the classic shapes and the high quality of the red leather makes this chair an eye-catcher at your dining table. The elongated backrest and the half-round sides provide the chair with an exceptional balanced design of classic and modern style.

The chair is made of 100 percent genuine leather and finished with high-end stitched seams. The high backrest of the chair has a dimension of 100 cm (39,4 in) and ensures ergonomic comfort for the human body. The seat height of the chair is 47 cm (18,5 in), which is the standard ergonomic dimension.

The leather chair is perfectly suited to combine with a solid wood table because of the natural features that both possess. The legs of the chair are not made of teak wood, but they do have the beautiful warm appearance of teak. We also sell the leather chair in brown and black leather. These colors are the perfect fit for a cosy and warm ambiance together with a solid teak wood table.