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Teak garden furniture

Spring means that it’s time to take out your furniture and enjoy them under the sun. We offer garden tables, benches and chairs in a medley of shapes and sizes to suit small or larger gardens. We don’t have a gigantic show room, but despite the limited space, we still have enough furniture in stock. We often also have newly arrived garden furniture in our stock.

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  1. Teak tuinbank 300cm
    Teak garden bench 300cm
  2. Teak garden table round 160cm - 4 legs
    Teak garden table round 160cm - 4 legs
    Special Price €745.00 Regular Price €1,225.00
    39% Discount
  3. Lounge teak stationsbank 160cm XL - diepe zitting
    Garden lounge bench 160cm XL
    Reclaimed teak
  4. Teak tuintafel 200 x 90
    Teak garden bench 200 x 90
  5. Teak vissenbank 240cm - stationsbank
    Teak garden bench 240cm FISH
    Java bench
  6. Lounge teak stationsbank 200cm XL - diepe zitting
    Garden lounge bench 200cm XL
    Reclaimed teak
  7. Teak tuintafel 260 x 100
    Teak garden table 260x100 cm
  8. Teak tuintafel 280 x 100
    Teak garden table 280x100 cm
  9. Lounge teak stationsbank 230cm XL - diepe zitting
    Garden lounge bench 230cm XL
    Reclaimed teak
  10. Teak tuintafel 300 x 100
    Teak garden table 300x100 cm
  11. Teak tuintafel 200x100cm Refectory
    Teak garden table 200x100cm Refectory
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91-120 van 132

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Sustainable teak outdoor furniture with a solid construction Our teak garden furniture is made of sustainable wood. The wood stems from specific plantations for teak production in the island of Java in Indonesia. We also use recycled teak in the production of our garden furniture, paying special attention to the construction to guarantee that it will not cause problems in the future. The construction of teak garden furniture lets the wood move in an optimal way, without you even noticing it.

Maintaining your teak garden furniture

The key with teak furniture is to care for it in a way that brings out its natural color. Since teak varies from a blonde to golden amber, to a rich warm caramel, choosing the right product is important. Unfortunately, even with teak, if any wood furniture is left outdoors without being treated, it will battle the elements. The advantage of choosing teak furniture is its ability to fight a little harder. It requires no processing and can easily be cleaned and maintained. Moisture does not permeate the pores of the wood and it has a specific structure that makes rain run off its surface immediately. However, by caring for it in the right way, it will retain its smooth finish, stay strong, and last for years longer. ### Cleaning teak garden furniture It’s possible that your teak furniture needs cleaning once in a while. When that time comes, simply add half a bag of soda to a bucket of warm water. You can also add some green soap. Wash the furniture with a soft sponge and let the soap penetrate the wood. After 5-10 minutes rub the soap off with a harder sponge and wipe it off with water. If there are still some stains in the wood, you can erase them by sanding the wood with fine sanding paper. You’ll find your furniture as good as new with this method which is said to be used for the cleaning of teak decks. There are also commercial cleaning agents available on the market that will yield the same result. The only difference is that this method will save you some money. Read more in our extensive article about how to [care for your teak garden furniture](/care).

Difference between indoor and outdoor teak furniture

If you’re specifically looking for garden furniture, then have a look at our selection of garden furniture. Here you can find pictures, prices and information for our full range. If you're looking for teak furniture for indoor use, check out our teak tables, cabinets, dressers and much more for your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Read more about indoor and outdoor teak furniture.

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