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Furniture Oil and Woodfix

Here you can also find information on how to use furniture oil and woodfix to keep your furniture in an excellent state.

We sell reclaimed teak furniture, both with a rustic as well as a straight look and feel. Every type of furniture requires a different type of maintenance. On top of that, the furniture can be placed in different environments. In a busy family it's common for children to spill or to knock over stuff. This requires a different treatment than a one-person household.

It's much more likely for a table to be stained than a cabinet. Food and drinks leave traces. If you're running a restaurant you don't want to have to worry about stains. Teak and oak each have their own properties. Stains are easily polished off of a teak table, it takes much more effort to undo stains on an oak table.

Personal advice, depending on lifestyle, type of wood and furniture is therefore the best solution. Here you can find two products that we sell and that we use in our own business.


Woodfix gives an almost colorless layer. Woodfix is ideal if you want to keep the same color with the advantage of a protective layer. In the past we've experimented with numerous oils and varnishes. They all led to a difference in color. Woodfix gives a slightly different teint, though the difference is negligible.

Structure oil

The big advantage of oil as opposed to varnish is its ease of use. If scratches occur in the course of a couple of years you don't have to polish everything. The spots with scratches can be slightly polished and afterwards treated with oil. The oil can be rubbed in with a piece of cloth.

If the entire surface of a table needs to be redone, this can also be done with a piece of cloth. The structure oil gives a more natural feel. As indicated by the name, the wood structure remains more visible and is not completely closed. It does not give the plastic feel of varnish.