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Teak Furniture for Boats

Our teak wood comes from Indonesia and is used worldwide for various boat components such as decks and even furniture. We have over 20 years of experience with teak and only choose the highest quality wood. There are many reasons which make teak wood for boats the ideal choice of wood when you are buying furniture.


One of the major reasons to pick teak furniture for boats is because there is a lot of hustle and bustle going in and out of boats. It resists against any damage that might cause it and retains its structure for a long time. Warpage or even cracking is delayed with use of teak furniture for boats. Whether used for decks, chairs, tables or other furniture, it is a great choice.

Attraction of the Wood

Another major reason that teak furniture for boats is such a common choice is the beauty. It is an exotic wood which works as a jaw-dropping effect on guests. The owners of boats with a taste for aesthetic pleasure always incorporate teak furniture for boats in form of chairs, fabulous tables etc.

Low-Maintenance Wood

One of the aspects which draws boat-owners’ attention is the fact that it is a low-maintenance wood. Teak furniture for boats is used by owners who don’t want to spend money and hours just maintaining or changing the furniture. Due to an oily nature, teak can be taken care of with oil and varnish every once in a while and it will retain the care for long.

Moisture Free

Along with the rest of its qualities, teak wood has proven to be a moisture free material which helps you prevent risk such as termite and fungi. This factor will enhance the longevity of the boat’s flooring, deck or even furniture.
In order to ensure that you benefit from this quality you have to tighten the screws of the flooring or deck so there is no margin left for moisture to escape. Once you have understood that, you are good to use teak furniture for boats.

Anti Skid

On a boat, there is always the chance that you are working with water which can leave furniture vulnerable to slipping. However, teak furniture for boats is used because it contains silica that provides anti-skid quality to the wood. This slip resistant factor plays a great role in making teak wood a popular material to be used for boat furniture.

Heat Resistant

Many types of the woods used for the boats tend to absorb heat on summer day. It can be difficult to use heated furniture. However, teak furniture for boats also give you a more temperate items that won’t be hard on you and you can enjoy your Caribbean view from the deck.

Based on all the advantages that teak furniture for boats offer, one can say it is the best choice for owners of boats. With proper care, you will be able to sustain the appearance and beauty of teak wood on your boat for long without having to spend too much on the maintenance either. You can invest in teak wood furniture for boats for a charming interior.