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  1. July 30, 2019 Contemporary Design & Classic Style

    Long established as an innovator, Souren Furniture is renowned for its premium teak furniture. Conceived by topmost international furniture designers, a lot of our Teak outdoor Furniture collections are instances of timeless design at its best. Evenly refined and with a exceptionally natural look, our hand woven, outdoor wicker furniture is made from the most durable man-made fibres, is completely weather resistant and can be left outside throughout the year.

    Unique Teak Furniture 

    Souren Furniture offers premier Teak Furniture made from the highest quality teakwood. Our teak garden furniture range includes classic garden furnishing designs and contemporary outdoor Teak Tables and chairs plus a variety of fsc certified eucalyptus garden furniture.  Browse our designer garden furniture collections by type. Our Dining, Deep Seating, or Lounging – you just name it, our exclusive Outdoor Teak Furniture collections are sure to cater

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  2. July 30, 2019 Show Your Love with Genuine Teak

    14th February – known as Valentine’s Day in the western world is a celebration of romantic love. All over Europe, lovers will be buying their boyfriends, girlfriends and wives flowers, chocolates, wine and jewellery. Couples will be going out for meals to celebrate their relationships, marriages and blossoming romances at the final festival of the winter season. As Valentine’s Day is a Friday night in 2014, they will talk long into the night sipping wine, eating chocolates and enjoying the comforts of their home. It can be expensive going out in a city like London so some couple are choosing to have a night in, cooking a luxury meal and most importantly – avoiding the weather.

    The Perfect Valentine’s Evening with Genuine Teak

    What better time than Valentine’s Day to truly enjoy your genuine teak furniture? Whether you go out for a meal or decide to have a date night in, nothing can match the luxury and romance of a high quality teak table and luxurious a

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  3. July 30, 2019 The softest wood in the world

    The term softwood basically denotes a classification of certain types of wood into a botanical category. Originally, the name comes from customs. By softwoods, we are referring to wood species with a density below 0.55 g / cm³. This applies, for example, to native conifers, such as spruce and pine, as well as deciduous trees, such as linden and poplar. The softest wood in the world, however, only grows in the tropics.

    Balsa wood: the lightweight among the wood species

    The balsa tree is a tropical plant which is grown across all continents. The trees are very fast-growing and reach a height of 30 to 45 meters. The stem has a smooth bark which is usually light-gray and may have white marbling. With a density of 0.1 to 0.2 g / cm³, balsa is the softest wood in the world. PS rigid foam - which, among other things, is used as foam plastic polystyrene - has a similarly low density. The density of balsa wood varies depending on the cut. Thin branches are the softest, whi

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  4. July 30, 2019 Dining room - stylishly decorated with teak furniture

    The dining room is more than just a place where family members eat together. The boundaries between the living area and the dining area are becoming increasingly blurred. The dining area is becoming the centre of family life and plays a central role in social gatherings. Hence, the dining room should be furnished accordingly.

    Dining room: a combination of cosiness and functionality

    The design of the dining room as a central meeting place in the home is of particular importance. The family members exchange ideas, play evening games, and have meals taken together in this space; school children also do their homework here. The art of decorating this space lies in finding a balance between comfort and functionality. If there is enough space, the dining table can be a bit bigger. If the table is too small, it seems out of place and permanently disturbs the overall impression. In larger rooms, bold colours are also in high demand. They can be stronger than in dining rooms

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  5. July 30, 2019 Recycled teak furniture

    Old teak wood: Rustic furniture with a unique character

    Solid teak wood furniture impresses with its powerful radiance and represents a high-quality furnishing style which is designed for longevity and style. Trendy furnishings are made of old teak wood with tiny signs of wear that look particularly authentic. In contrast to industrially manufactured teak furniture, which takes on a hip vintage look in a complex process, the teak furniture specialist Souren Furniture offers authentic custom-made products from Indonesia.

    Old recycling teak from the island of Java

    On seeing old teak furniture for the first time, people often feel love at first sight. The bumps on the surface, the semi-gloss, the traces of use: all features that make this wood so unique. You reflexively wonder about the origin of the old wood. In fact, every wooden plank in a table, every teak chair, and every cabinet door has its own story.

    The teak used to make the furniture comes

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  6. July 30, 2019 Teak Bedroom Furniture

    Considered as a lavish accessory, Teak furniture is a significant part in many modern homes. It adds elegance to the indoor environment and also serves a number of purposes. Because of the globalization and Internet, furniture pieces from different countries are now accessible at your doorstep. Many persons find it very hard to choose the furnishing that they would like to take home.

    The composition of Souren Furniture makes it one of the sturdiest woods in the world. Loaded with oil, rubber and silica, teak wood derives its density and water-resistant properties from these materials. It comes as no amazement then that indoor teak furniture can last just about any climate change.

    Contemporary Teak Bedroom furniture looks sensational in almost any setting. The naivety in design combined with natural, beautiful, solid wood creates a relaxing, tranquil, environment that is indispensable in the bedroom. Nothing beats a deep revitalizing sleep and a stunning sensual room of

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  7. July 30, 2019 Gluing teak

    Thanks to its extremely high density, teak is a remarkably durable wood. Pieces of furniture made from this tropical hardwood are some of the most exclusive indoor and outdoor home furniture items. It’s even more of a shame if these pieces of furniture are damaged due to carelessness or an excessively strong mechanical load. Teak gluing is often the last resort for saving valuable furnishings.

    Teak gluing: problems with gluing teak furniture

    In contrast to domestic woods, teak gluing is more problematic. Classic wood glue is water-based. If two wood surfaces are joined together, the adhesive hardens by evaporation of the liquid components and both surfaces form a connection. The reason for the difficulty in gluing teak wood lies in the special properties of this tropical wood species. Teak has a high content of natural oils. These prevent the evaporation of water, as they constantly ensure moisture penetration of the wood surface. This process is not visible to the n

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  8. July 30, 2019 How many people fit around a rectangular table?

    Outdoor Teak Tables: The Right Size for the Garden Party

    How many chairs fit around one table? Summer time is garden time. In the warm season, people are drawn to the outdoors, regardless of whether they have their own garden, a terrace behind the house, or just a balcony. At weekends, barbecues are organised and acquaintances, friends and family members are invited. Having the right-sized garden table determines whether the participation of all guests in the social gathering is possible. In our assortment of teak garden furniture, you will find tables of various dimensions. While a garden table with a square tabletop measuring 80 x 80 cm can only accommodate two people, a long table measuring 400 x 100 cm can accommodate up to 18 people. Of course, our summertime stock also contains all the sizes ranging between those.

    Special accents with round garden tables

    A round garden table made of solid teak wood conjures up a very special atmosphere in the outdoor

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  9. July 30, 2019 Need teak furniture? We have new furniture for 'used' prices!

    Second-hand teak furniture? Not necessary: New furniture at low prices at Sourenfurniture.com

    Pieces of furniture made of teak are high-quality furnishings that have a long service life and high value retention. They are made of fine, tropical wood. Teak furniture can decorate any interior and lends the rooms shine. With these pieces of furniture, you can upgrade the entire interior. They conjure up a touch of luxury and a southern ambience in the living spaces. Many households want to bring this flair into their own homes. For cost reasons, however, the only option used to be second-hand teak furniture. That is no longer necessary. Sourenfurniture.com sets new standards in the pricing of teak furniture.

    Go on a voyage of discovery and find brand new teak furniture at low prices in our showrooms or on our websites. The purchase of second hand furniture is a thing of the past. Through our 30 years of business contacts with manufacturers in Indonesia, we can offer our

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  10. July 30, 2019 Tips for buying a sofa

    For many, searching for the ideal sofa is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Therefore Home Centre would like to help you out. Below you will find a couple of simple tips with which you can find the perfect sofa for your interior: Measure the space in which the sofa will stand. Measure this space precisely, don’t estimate. Otherwise the shape of the sofa can be too big for the space. Have you find the sofa you wished for, imitate the shape of the sofa in your living room. You can do this by placing magazines or crates on the floor. This way, you can roughly estimate whether the sofa fits in your house.

    Keep in mind the walking space around the sofa. Is there enough space around the sofa? What is the function of the sofa? For what do you want to use the sofa? If it will be an active sofa, choose a sofa with a relatively short seating area. Are you looking for a relax sofa? Then it is wiser to choose a deeper sofa with a couple of soft cushions. How firm or how soft must t

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