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  1. July 30, 2019 High quality stylish teak tables

    Tables form an important part of your furniture. No matter if you are looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, tables play an imperative role in your furniture selection. Special watchful hand-finished table’s catches eyes of every visitor in your drawing room and lawns as well. Quality teak tables have formed an exclusive part of outdoor furniture from quite a long time. It’s no doubt to refer teak wood outdoor furniture as one of the best choices for outdoor living spaces owing to extremely long lasting quality of teak furniture.

    Without any doubt, teak is considered best for outdoor furniture and teak tables being no exemption. It has been pragmatic that with time teak furniture tends to get even more attractive and emblematic golden color of the teak tables in the long run turns into silver that compliments well with the garden. Teak is a natural material and there are ways to refurbish original color of the furniture easily.

    Why to choose teak for outdoor fur

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  2. July 30, 2019 Need New Garden Chairs? Try Teak!

    It is never too early to think about getting new teak garden chairs, even in January with Christmas and New Year still very much in the recent memory, spring will be here before we know it. If travel agents can start advertising summer sun holidays the day after Christmas then why shouldn’t you also start thinking about new garden furniture? It won’t be long before you notice the evenings getting warmer and lighter and consequently, you will start wanting to sit out in the garden and enjoy a beverage with the sun on your face. It is time to treat your home and your family to a little bit of luxury with new teak garden chairs.

    Your Garden

    Maybe you already have a teak garden table or maybe you have decided over the next couple of years you wish to upgrade your garden furniture to something a little more long-lasting or luxurious. Teak, because of its very nature, is perfect for your garden requirements. High quality teak is high in natural oils and low

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  3. July 30, 2019 Long Teak Dining Tables

    Souren Furniture has a wide selection of long and round tables manufactured using antique reclaimed teak; we are committed to supplying the highest quality products all over Europe. Despite this, we know that customers have other considerations when choosing a table. Home space can be pretty limited but many people still prefer a long teak dining table. Why might you choose a more traditional longer teak table over the more popular round tables?

    Why Choose a Long Teak Dining Table?

    It goes without saying that longer tables are suited better when the shape of the room is suited to it. If a room is long, then it is best to get a long teak dining table. A round table might be slightly restrictive due to its width in a long, narrow room. A longer table aids the efficiency of the use of space.

    A longer table is also easier for when larger groups are dining. To accommodate more people on a round

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  4. July 30, 2019 Tips for Choosing Teak Furniture

    It is known that teak is the best wood to use in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. It’s durability, strength and resistance to water, pests and all kinds of rot means that it can stay outside most of the year with very little care and attention required – even in the often harsh Northern European winters.

    Teak is not cheap though and naturally, potential customers might be concerned whether the price tag is a reflection of the quality and might need help choosing the right product. Of primary concerns for most people will be the design of the furniture item, the look of the wood and their personal comfort. There are key indicators to look out for in checking quality and suitability when searching furniture shops.

    Grading Teak Furniture

    Three different grades exist:

    • Grade A comes from the centre of the log of mature trees (those over 20 years old). It has a very dense core - or heartwood. Because it is the heart of th
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  5. July 30, 2019 Why just Teak Furniture?

    Planning to buy innovative furniture and confused about what exactly you should pick up? Majority of people do a lot of research work related to furniture to match a contemporary look with great quality and comfort. When planning to buy outdoor furniture every one desire if there may perhaps be something that would appear attractive and at the same time also endow with a great weather resistance and long lasting properties. Teak furniture is the answer to your search, furniture that provides exceptional whether resistance along with great quality that promises a life long service from the product purchased.

    Elegant, long lasting teak furniture had always been the first choice of people who really want to purchase a quality wooden item to match elegance of their lawn or outer space. Although a symbol of royal elegance but teak furniture provides you with complete worth for your money. Money spent on teak furniture is actually a life long

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  6. July 30, 2019 Adorn Your Patio with Outdoor Teak Furniture

    Most of us tend to focus our designing attention to the interiors of the home. This leaves a large part of the place untouched, since most of us have more room outdoors than that of indoors. If you are someone that enjoys entertaining or if you simply like being outside in the warmer weather, what can you do in order to design a patio that will be perfect for you? Here are some preeminent design ideas that can help you in building an ideal patio that of course, would include Teak furniture.

    Before we talk about the specifics on designing a patio, it's a sensible idea to discuss why you would like to prefer teakwood over the other choices available. Perhaps the most significant thing to consider is the durability and quality of the wood itself. Teak is kind of wood that will last for years in the different climatic conditions. It has high oil content and rubber, allowing it to be waterproof under the complex situations. The natural oils included i

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  7. July 30, 2019 Teak wood outdoor furniture, quality for lifetime

    It’s no doubt that teak furniture is high excellence furniture that lasts for a lifetime, but teak is an artifact that can preserve its charm and elegance even after years of usage and tends to get even extra elegant with time. It’s a well known fact that teak is an extremely durable wood that can easily withstand each and every type of weather condition without any out of the ordinary care or maintenance, hence turns out to be a great choice as outdoor furniture. Hence it won’t be incorrect to declare that an investment into teak furniture is something that would be cherished for a lifetime. With exceptional shine, this water resistant wood makes a great preference to be used as indoor as well as outdoor furniture and at the same time also compliments well with your modern interiors.

    Easy usage: 

    Teak wood furniture can simply be used without cushions, it all depends upon you whether you want to use your outdoor teak furniture with or without

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  8. July 30, 2019 Modern, Contemporary and Classic style Sideboards

    Sideboards form an exclusive part of room that not only acts as a classy decoration piece but at the same time these are functional as well. Available in a variety of modern, contemporary and classic styles to choose from you can easily match a sideboard to complement with your dining furniture collection. One of the striking aspects of contemporary sideboards is its authenticity and at Souren Furniture, our craftsmen are working day and night out to come up with authentic designs that match well with your modern interiors as well. Driving our inspirations from fine old well preserved classic styled sideboards we bring to you the best teak furniture.

    Choosing the right piece

    It is vital to choose the right piece to accolade well with your dinning table. A combination of contemporary and tasteful sideboards in a dining room makes a clean sweep and adds an appeal to the space elegance. Stunning sideboards available in the market have redefined the craftsmanship that

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  9. July 30, 2019 Teak Computer Cabinets for Your Home Office

    There has been a fundamental shift in the way we work over the last few years. With so many redundancies at all levels and across all professions, people all over the world have lost their jobs. In many European cities, especially in a place like London, where finance and services was a major player in the employment market, individuals are setting up their own businesses and seeing the benefits of working from home. There are distinct advantages to this – you can set your own hours. The cold, wet early commute in January and February is a thing of the past and in the warmer months you are at liberty to work outside.

    To get started though, you need the appropriate equipment for your home office. Have you considered Souren Furniture?

    The Modern Home Office

    Not only will you will require a range of electronic equipment but also the right furniture to create your home office – a desk or cabinet and the right chair.

    It is important that you get the righ

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  10. July 30, 2019 Quality Teak Furniture

    Since its inception, Souren Furniture is a name that has been synonymous with the furnish of luxury furniture for the garden and home. Our aim is to constantly deliver premier quality furniture to all our clients, offering first class customer service and after sales care. In order to attain this, we employ the best Teak Furniture experts worldwide and devise all of our furniture with 3 major considerations:

    Quality - Cautious quality controls are in place to ensure that our furniture is among the best quality available anywhere.

    Style - Through meticulous use of materials and pioneering production methods, Souren Furniture is eternal in design.

    Comfort - Every sofa, chair, and bench is amorously designed to provide optimum comfort and support.

    Exclusive Handcrafted Designs:
    Stunning, individual furniture doesn't ensue by chance. It's the individual element, the watchful hand finishing by expert craft

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