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  1. July 30, 2019 Teak Furniture Poland

    For outdoor furniture, teak wood is an ideal material. It is sturdy and prevents damage from water, winter, snowfall and harsh sun. This is why people invest in teak furniture for gardens that can be used for long period of time. Instead of buying furniture that can go rusty or damage easily, it is better to have graceful items that you can use for years. At sourenfurniture.com we understand how essential furniture is to your overall setting of lawns and indoors. Therefore, we offer a collection of up to 500 teak tables for gardens that are recycled in Indonesia.

    But our collection is not limited to tables only. Our catalogue features many chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, TV units and sideboards which are all recycled to be used by our customers. The items that you receive are repurposed with the finest finishing touch with added charm and history to them. If you are not a fan of mass produced furniture and seek an exclusive outlet for creative decoration, this is a good choice.

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  2. July 30, 2019 Teak furniture Finland

    Souren Furniture, established in 1980, is one of the popular names in the market of teak wood furniture. We have worked endless days and nights to provide the premium quality teak furniture to our valued customers. Being a company based in Europe, we make sure that we deliver teak furniture at the doorstep of our customers present in European countries so that they do not have to face any problems themselves. People living in Finland, the heart of Northern Europe, can also use this facility and become proud owners of exquisite teak furniture that would last generations if cared properly!

    Souren Furniture always prioritize its customers and continuously efforts to create a range of teak furniture products, specifically designed for the clients,that have an elegance and charm of their own. The grace of teak wood furniture surely matches the aura of Finland. The silvery grey finish that appears on teak furniture with the passage of time further enhances its finesse and beauty.

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  3. July 30, 2019 Teak furniture Europe

    Are you looking for teak furniture in Europe? Then you've found the right adress. We sell teak furniture for already many years and can present you the finest selection of teak tables, chairs and more!

    Since we started selling furniture in 1980, Souren Furniture has firmly established itself as one of the leading teak and garden furniture suppliers in the Netherlands and Germany providing the highest quality garden furniture that is stylish, durable and made to last a lifetime. All of our furnishings are handmade in Indonesia by the skilled craftsmen using only the modern processes and premier grade raw materials to facilitate a reassuring consistency all through the range. Check our catalogue to get a good overview of our quality furniture.

    Garden furniture Europe

    Are you in Quest of the Best Quality Teak Furniture Across the Globe? You've certainly come up to the right place! At Souren Furniture we strive to create furniture of style and elegance. Our life

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  4. July 30, 2019 Teak furniture Germany

    The premium quality of teak furniture can never be generalized in terms of quality, durability and uniqueness. Souren Furniture, operating in Europe, delivers its high-quality teak furniture to German people. Germany, a home to long-lasting winters and pleasant summers make it an ideal location for teak furniture in general. The goal oriented and smart minded German people have, throughout their history, always preferred minimalism and class over unnecessary exhibit. Souren Furniture offers a range of classic yet elegant teak furniture specifically suited to the taste of German people.

    Garden furniture Germany

    Souren furniture makes sure that the teak wood used for making its furnishings is of good quality and dried to the 10 to 15% requirement so that its furniture does not crack on contact with moisture. Teak wood furniture, unlike other wood furniture, is nor damaged by the high moisture winds and neither by the excessive snowfalls common in Germany.

    Therefore, whet

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  5. July 30, 2019 Indonesian furniture

    Indonesia teak furniture

    We have been selling furniture since 1980. In the 2000s we started selling teak furniture from Indonesia, teak tables, chairs, cupboards for your home and for your garden. We've shipped our furniture to most continents. Delivery inside Europe is relatively easy to arrange, but we've also shipped to for example the Bahamas and Angola.

    Do check our catalogue to get a good overview of what we have to offer.

    Teak tables

    We sell quality teak tables from Indonesia.

    Teak furniture from Indonesia

    Indonesia is mostly famous for its coffee, the Komodo dragons, the Spice Islands and of course Bali Indonesian furniture is probably next on the list. Centred around the Javan city of Semarang there's an extensive industry of furniture manufacturers, specialized in teak furniture for home and garden. Souren furniture has been working for a decade with a quality furniture producer to get the finest teak furniture. We have sold tho

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  6. July 30, 2019 Teak Austria

    Austria is an attractive area for living or visiting during vacation. Surrounded by culturally and historically rich places, mountain landscapes and fancy architecture it is a site that travelers can not resist. If you own a holiday home or vacation point such as hotel or inn in Austria, you might be looking for furniture to decorate the place and make it charming. Sourenfurniture.com has been running since 1980 and selling teal furniture to clients all around Europe. Whether it is for personal use or commercial use, you will find special and attractive things that will last for years. Moreover, we offer latest products suitable for summer and winter time. At sourenfurniture.com we are aware what winter can do to your wood furniture therefore we offer the highest quality teak and study pieces that will sustain its integrity in coldest of snowfall in Austria.

    Indoor Furniture in Austria

    For indoor furniture, you can browse through sourenfurniture. Come for teak wood

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  7. July 30, 2019 Reclaimed teak wardrobes

    Below you will find a number of standard wardrobes. All wardrobes are made of massive teak. These wardrobes are fit perfectly into any bedroom for the storage of your clothes, or in the living room for china etc. or in the hallway for general storage. The standard sizes are 100cm – 120cm – 140cm width without bead.

    Teak wardrobes designs and sizes

    Generally at Souren Furniture, we always have various sizes in stock. If you are planning to come to our store for a specific size, please contact us beforehand to make sure it is in stock. Massive teak The wardrobes, too, are made of massive teak. Luckily they are made knock down (i.e. their parts are removable), because they tend to be very heavy. The lose parts on the other hand are easy to handle.

    Also important to know: you can disassemble and reassemble the wardrobe more than only once. It’s certainly not the case that you can take the wardrobes into parts but then it’s impossible to fit the pieces together again..

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  8. July 30, 2019 How to furnish your holiday home?

    Setting up a home is pretty much like painting a blank canvas. When it comes to decorating and furnishing a holiday home, you can literally go in any direction. From beach -style hideout or a rustic countryside retreat, you can be as creative as you want.

    But, decorating your holiday chalet isn’t as easy as it seems. Getting the holiday home furniture, grasping the inimitable ideas, making a list and cleaning up, these are just a few things one might have to do initially.

    Are you planning to furnish and redecorate your holiday home too? Well, if yes than here are a few ideas that might help you furnish your holiday cottage. Do have a look.

    Never buy all the furniture from the same place

    You need diversity. You need something impeccable, isn’t? If so, then the best way is to get the holiday home furniture from different outlets. This way you can check out the different designs and gather distinct ideas for furnishing your home. Buying the furniture for

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  9. July 30, 2019 Teak Furniture for Bathroom

    If you are one of those people who think that combining wood with moisture will end up bad, then you are wrong. Even though this is true to some extent but not in case of every kind of wood. One specie which can dismiss the extensively propagated taboo that is Teak. The kind of wood is not only moisture repellent but is also a perfect material to manufacture high-grade furniture for your bathrooms.
    Since Teak is mainly used for building ships and boats, thus it can be concluded that it can easily resist the moisture from penetrating and keeps the teak furniture bathroom safe from damage. Moreover, the texture, beauty and authenticity of the wood makes it twice as much better than the other distinct types of woods.
    Just a few decades before, washrooms were simply sterile places but this is not the case anymore. These days the bathrooms are designed with elegancy and sophistication using the finest materials. Therefore, Teak is always the number one preference to design the washrooms.

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  10. July 30, 2019 teak-extendable-table

    Teak – an elegant, sturdy and long-lasting wood used for a variety of inimitable purposes specifically designing the furniture and boats. The most apparent reason to use teak for crafting furniture is its resistance and exquisite look. The wood primarily cultivated in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Burma is extensively used to make the most unique and versatile furniture all over the globe.
    The wood is mainly used to design outdoor furniture for verandas, terraces and balcony. Why? Well, mainly because it is resistant to most of the elements which tend to destroy the furniture.

    Everyone is fond of eating outside in a pleasant and calm weather, isn’t? But for that you’ll need a proper sitting arrangement that includes a table. This is another reason why teak tables are being used broadly, worldwide.
    Since teak is significantly used to design impeccable extendable tables for your office, bedroom, terrace, lawn and balcony therefore furniture designers are constantly pitching

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