Below you will find a number of standard wardrobes. All wardrobes are made of massive teak. These wardrobes are fit perfectly into any bedroom for the storage of your clothes, or in the living room for china etc. or in the hallway for general storage. The standard sizes are 100cm – 120cm – 140cm width without bead.

Teak wardrobes designs and sizes

Generally at Souren Furniture, we always have various sizes in stock. If you are planning to come to our store for a specific size, please contact us beforehand to make sure it is in stock. Massive teak The wardrobes, too, are made of massive teak. Luckily they are made knock down (i.e. their parts are removable), because they tend to be very heavy. The lose parts on the other hand are easy to handle.

Also important to know: you can disassemble and reassemble the wardrobe more than only once. It’s certainly not the case that you can take the wardrobes into parts but then it’s impossible to fit the pieces together again.. By default there are massive shelves in these wardrobes. But we can fit a bar into the wardrobe so that you can hang your clothes or combine the two options – without any extra costs.

The doors are easy to take out of our wardrobes.

Reclaimed teak wardrobes

Most of the furniture we sell is made from reclaimed teak wood.

We have happy customers all over Europe, including the UK.