Hamburg - Hanseatic city of world

Almost 1.8 million inhabitants live in the metropolis that lies along the Elbe. The second largest city of the Federal Republic is mainly known for its musicals and its long seafaring tradition. It is the site of the largest container port in Germany, and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has its headquarters in Hamburg. The city gained great wealth in the Middle Ages through the merger of several cities into the Hanseatic League. Even today, magnificent buildings in the city centre testify to the prosperity of the Hanseatic city. The most important stony witness to this is the imposing town hall. One of the metropolis’ landmarks is the "Michel". This is what the city’s inhabitants call the tower of the St. Michaelis Church. The landing bridges in St. Pauli are well-known beyond the country’s borders. Once designed as docks for steamboats, they are now one of Hamburg’s tourist attractions. On Sundays, the Hamburg Fish Market takes place near the jetties - an unprecedented spectacle where locals and tourists try to make a bargain when shopping.

The teak coffee table - eye-catcher in the living area

The timeless structure of teak furniture makes them very special pieces of furniture. There is hardly any living environment into which teak furniture cannot fit perfectly. A teak coffee table serves as a unique eye-catcher in the living area. It can create an effective contrast to modern furnishings made of chrome or glass, or it can harmoniously blend into a country-style décor. As a natural material, teak wood enjoys great popularity within stylishly furnished apartments.

Teak furniture from experts: in Nuth/Holland

The purchase of teak furniture is a matter of trust. Only first-class craftsmanship ensures long service life and durability. For this reason, the valuable pieces of furniture should be purchased in a specialty store. Near Aachen, you can find the exhibition rooms of an specialist in this field. is a pioneer in the import and processing of teak wood. The company has been successful in the market for more than 30 years and has gained an excellent reputation over the years.

Monastery Tables

The Monastery Table, also known as the Castle Table, is a common and very popular table. These larger tables are known for their robustness. That is to say, they are typically shaped as a large table top reinforced by two large reinforced platforms. There are usually beams between these platforms that add not only extra stability to the table, but also a more attractive look. A table with 4 legs and beams is sometimes referred to as a monastery table, but in our opinion it is only a monastery table if it rests on 2 large platforms.

What to look out for when buying a monastery table?

A common problem which people face after buying a monastery table is the internal platforms. The seats can therefore not be placed under the table and you should therefore consider this beforehand. For example; if you buy a 250cm long table, you can fit about 6-8 chairs with armrests around it. In other words, 3 chairs on both sides and maybe 2 at the ends of the table (1 per end). Note that there is not much room for these seats at the table ends. Another example; if you buy a 220cm long monastery table, you can then place about 6 chairs with armrests around it. That is, 2 chairs on both sides and 2 at the ends of the table (1 per end). Chairs without armrests are usually less wide, and therefore easier to place. Therefore, when buying a monastery table, think carefully about the size of the table and appropriate chairs.

Monastery Table Models

To help you visualise things a bit, here are some examples of monastery tables you can buy from us. There are 2 different models in our assortment, namely;

Old Teak

These tables are made in Java using traditional methods. As these tables are very popular, and because of the amount of work that is done on each table, some of the tables may not be in stock. If this is the case, the delivery time is 4-5 months. However, our goal is to provide sufficient choice and stock. We always try to keep the following sizes in stock.

  • 220x100cm
  • 240x100cm
  • 260x100cm
  • 280x100cm
  • 300x100cm
  • 350x120cm