Berlin - Metropolis with a cosmopolitan character

The capital of Germany is also the most populous metropolis in the country. More than 3.5 million inhabitants live in the city, in districts such as Charlottenburg, Spandau and Friedrichshain. It is the seat of the Federal Government and exudes the charm of a cosmopolitan city. After the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin rapidly developed. Hardly anything serves as a reminder of the division of the city into East and West. Ambitious construction projects were initiated within a few years. Potsdamer Platz, the heart of the city in the 1930s, has been completely redesigned and added to with futuristic buildings. The Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the metropolis, is once again a tourist attraction, and numerous fashion fairs have gained worldwide significance within a few years. The scientific and cultural institutions of Berlin, from theatres to print shops (link is external), are internationally significant, and innumerable cultures from all over Europe have found a second home here.

Smooth-surface teak furniture adds glamour to the home

Many households prefer brushed teak - which exudes an original and substantial charm - for their interior design. In contrast to these pieces of furniture, teak furniture with smooth surfaces are characterised by a certain degree of elegance and style. This furniture adds a high-quality sensibility to the entire interior design. Regardless of the furnishing style, they can be combined with any accessory. Teak furniture is not confined to any one fashion trend. They are timeless pieces of furniture that impact through their radiance. - elegant teak furniture from Holland

The specialist for teak furniture is located in Nuth, Holland, in the immediate vicinity of the German border. Anyone who is passing through or returning from their holidays does not lose much time by making a stop at the exhibition halls, because the motorway access to the A76 is in the immediate vicinity of the branch office. Of course, the artful furniture can also be ordered online. There is plenty of information on the matter, which you can access on via our webpages.

Teak bar furniture

A homeowner often has the option of setting up a bar in the basement of the house. A party room where you can hang out with friends, celebrate, enjoy great atmosphere. If you like to party, a basement room is well-suited for this, provided it is big enough. However, a party room needs to be furnished. Could it be fitted with a home bar? Teak bar furniture is not only durable for many decades, it also gives the basement party room a very special atmosphere.

Be it a birthday party, carnival party or a Spanish-themed party, teak bar furniture ensures a good atmosphere without guests even having to contribute with anything. Teak bar furniture usually consists of a bar cabinet with shelves which is placed on the wall, and the actual bar counter which can be relatively freely placed in the room – along with a few bar stools, of course. A special property of teak bar furniture is that it can be combined with many other furniture styles.

Teak wood furniture in the bar

Bistro tables with matching chairs, with armrests or crosses, look really nice here, as do simple wooden benches and tables in the style of marquee sets. However, not everyone wants the basement bar. Many people value a good drink, are happy to buy one, and want to store their valuable drinks and relevant accessories in equally nice things. In many a living room, therefore, there is also a bar where there might otherwise have been a dining table – but in these cases, they may instead be in the kitchen.

The bar as an evening gathering point with a partner? With good friends? Teak bar furniture also adds a certain charm to every living room, not only adding comfort, but also a certain mood. Nevertheless, barbeque teak furniture exudes peace and harmony. If you have a sufficiently large living room and enjoy a good drink, you will certainly be making a good choice with teak bar furniture. Our teak bar stool model Berlin is a very good choice for Berlin pubs.