Souren Furniture has been selling Balinese furniture for many years, particularly lounge furniture: benches and chairs.

Bali lounge furniture: tropic style chilling

Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and palm trees that sway softly in the wind - the Indonesian island of Bali is a dream destination located under the southern sun. Teak wood plays a dominant role in furniture manufacturing on the tropical island, and fine hardwood lounge furniture invites you to chill and relax in beach cafés and pool bars. With the Bali lounge furniture collection by Souren Furniture, you can conjure up a southern flair in your own garden that evokes memories of your most recent holiday.

Lounge atmosphere with authentic teak furniture

Many furniture stores claim to offer stylish lounge furniture, but only a few pieces of furniture actually live up to this product promise. The reason for this is simple: most pieces of furniture are replicas which only imitate the design of the original item. As a direct importer of premium teak furniture, Souren Furniture takes a different approach. The chairs in our Bali lounge furniture collection are made by specialists in Indonesia and the design is based exclusively on the lounge furniture used on the sun-drenched tropical island of Bali. The characterful pieces of furniture are made of solid teak wood, which has a long history and was formerly used in the construction of residential huts. In an intricate process, the wood is recycled, processed and reused in furniture production.

Bali teak lounge furniture - the stars of the outdoor product range

Teak lounge furniture is the expression of a new relaxed attitude to life. In a world characterised by increasing occupational demands, many people long for a comfortable retreat in the home and in their own garden. The Bali lounge furniture by Souren Furniture are the new stars of the outdoor product range and are automatically an eye-catcher in the garden and on the terrace. The combination of casual Bali Lounge chairs and a characterful Bali Lounge bench possesses an incomparable aura. A new zest for life is expressed through teak furniture, as it is original furniture from Southeast Asia. The wide seating area of the teak lounge bench and the slightly inclined chair seats are characteristic features of lounge furniture. You can enjoy tropic-style chilling on these pieces of furniture and enjoy an exotic cocktail or a glass of wine in the light of the setting sun.


Bali is definitely one of the dream islands under the southern sun. Anyone who has spent their holidays on this Indonesian island has already had the opportunity to admire the numerous uses of teak wood. Maybe some of you have already thought about beautifying your own home with furniture made of this high-quality wood. Many holidaymakers would like to purchase the authentic pieces of furniture imbued with the warmth of the local region and send them home. This effort is not at all necessary, because offers you select pieces made in Indonesia, which are produced with original teak wood from the tropical island.

Since 1980, we have been one of the first ports of call in Holland when it comes to extravagant, authentic and shapely teak furniture. Our showrooms and our warehouse are near the German border, about 15 kilometres from Aachen. We always have a large stock of tables, chairs, benches and cupboards for indoor and outdoor use. We maintain close contact with the manufacturers and regularly visit the local production facilities in Indonesia. In this way, we can offer our customers pieces of furniture that correspond to the model of the Bali resort, down to the finest detail.

Teak wood plays a big role in Indonesian culture. The hard wood is used in house construction, in the construction of outdoor facilities, and in shipbuilding. With the furniture from, you can sit back and enjoy the Bali holiday feeling in your own home or on the terrace. With these pieces of furniture, you can extend your holiday and experience a piece of Southeast Asian culture in a new living environment.